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Creative Director & Head of Education TONI&GUY India •

Meet our exceptional Creative Director and Head of Education at TONI&GUY, Vinod. With a career spanning over two decades in the world of hair and beauty, Vinod is a true visionary. His unparalleled expertise in cutting-edge hairstyling techniques and their passion for nurturing the next generation of talent make them a driving force in our industry. As a trendsetter and educator, Vinod constantly pushes boundaries, ensuring that TONI&GUY remains at the forefront of innovation and education in the salon world. With Vinod  leading the way, we’re not just setting trends; we’re defining them.

Years in hairdressing:
Favorite technique:

Balayage with root melt

Favorite Tool:

My hair dryer

Art Director & Lead Educator TONI&GUY India •

Meet our esteemed Art Director and Lead Educator at TONI&GUY, Wasim. With a deep-rooted passion for artistry and a flair for innovative hairstyling, Wasim is at the forefront of shaping trends and techniques in the world of beauty. Their extensive experience and dedication to education have made them a guiding light for our team. Wasim  is not only an exceptional stylist but also a mentor who inspires our salon professionals to reach new heights of creativity. Under Wasim’s leadership, our team continues to excel, delivering the highest level of artistry and education that TONI&GUY is renowned for.

Years in hairdressing:
Favorite technique:

Face framing highlights

Favorite Tool:

My Varis curling iron

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