TONI&GUY, your premier destination for cutting-edge beauty solutions in India. With 60+ years of expertise, our skilled professionals offer top-notch hairdressing and spa services. As the best salon in India, we provide online services, ensuring convenience and quality. Experience the art of hair and beauty with us today.

Elevating Style, Igniting Passion: TONI&GUY's Legendary Journey

Inaugurated in Clapham, London, back in 1963, our global presence now spans continents. A British SuperBrand and an epitome of international fashion and style leadership. This tale unfolds with two visionary brothers of boundless ambition. Fast forward to today, and the empire they forged is the nurturing ground for thousands of the world’s most gifted and accoladed hair artisans.

Our Approach

At TONI&GUY, our approach goes beyond just being a hair and beauty salon; it’s a commitment to shaping trends and redefining industry standards. We are not just a top salon in India; we are trendsetters dedicated to innovation and style. Through our salon services and expert hairdressing services, we empower individuals to embrace their unique style. Our salon services, part of renowned salon chains in India, are designed to transform not only your hair but your entire outlook, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the world of hairdressing. Experience the TONI&GUY difference, where expertise meets your individuality.


Welcome to TONI & GUY India, where our legacy began with a pioneering flagship salon in New Delhi, setting the standard for British hairdressing essence. With over 150 TONI & GUY salons across India, we passionately uphold our rich heritage and consummate artistry. As the top salon in India, we offer a comprehensive range of services, from hairdressing to spa and salon services. Experience the epitome of beauty with our renowned unisex salon services, including online salon facilities. Discover the art of hair and beauty at TONI&GUY, where expertise meets innovation.


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TONI&GUY at London Fashion Week

Join us at the forefront of style and innovation as TONI&GUY takes centre stage at London Fashion Week. We bring you exclusive insights, behind-the-scenes access, and the latest trends straight from the runway. Stay tuned for a front-row seat to the world of fashion and beauty.

Professional care for you

Hair Services

Experience top-notch hairdressing services in our salon. Our skilled stylists specialize in hairdressing services, offering expert haircuts, stunning colours, and personalised treatments for your unique beauty. From traditional styles to the latest trends, we craft exceptional hairdressing services for you. TONI&GUY: Where Hair Becomes Art.

Beauty Services

Step into a home of beauty and self-care with our expert services. Rejuvenate with luxurious facials, achieve silky smoothness with our expert waxing, or glam up with our specialized makeup services. Choose from our signature, express, or personalized makeup service to elevate your beauty. Book your session now for a radiant transformation.

Makeup Services

Transform your look effortlessly at TONI&GUY. Our skilled makeup artists craft personalised makeup looks, be it a natural radiance or a glamorous aura. Choose from our signature, express, or personalised makeup services. Book your session online and embrace a stunning transformation today!